We are proud to work with many satisfied clients both locally and nationally.

We can help you understand the design process from start to finish.    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to help!

1. Registering Your Domain Name

After our client decides to work with us, the contract and agreements are mutually signed, and we have received the deposit payment to start work, the first step is to register a domain name. This is the (www.Yoursite.com) name associated with your site that people will type in search browsers to find your website.  After you decide on your top picks, we will determine which of those picks are available for use and which ones we recommend. If you happen to already have a domain name, we will gladly manage it for you, or you can continue do so on your end. If you decide to host your site with us, we will include 1 free domain name registration/transfer.

2. Website Hosting

Professional Website Hosting is offered by Surf Zone Design as an affordable option. If you already own a web hosting account, or will purchase your own, you may need to provide us with credentials to work with your account.

3. Designing an Intro Page and Taking It Live

Before your website is complete, we include a free intro or “landing” page. This page is a temporary page and will display your contact information for potential customers to reach you while the main website is in development.

4. Layout Design (Us) and Content Gathering (You)

This part of the process is where we design the visual layout or graphic architecture of your website. It is helpful ahead of time for you to send us examples of websites you like and why you like them. This helps us get a feel for a direction to go with your design.

After we have a visual layout to present, we will wait for your review/ approval of the design.  Once you have approved the layout, we will breakdown the design into elements and build the framework of the actual website.

5. Content

Once the framework is built and the pages are ready to fill with content, it is time for us to take all of the content that you have gathered and evenly place it inside the website. At this step in the game, we may add pictures, correct grammar and make sure the pages are as search-optimized as much as possible.

6. Final Review and Client Approval

Once we are ready, we will present a website to you for your viewing.   You’ll let us know of changes (colors, text, font sizing, etc).  Once you approve of the finished product, we will send you a final invoice for the 2nd half owed and your website will go live!

7. Taking Your Site Online

Once you have approved the finished product and pending final payment, we will upload your site onto the web. Sometimes this process is as quick as one hour from delivery of payment. The entire web design process from beginning to end averages 4-6 weeks, although in many cases we can have a website completed from start to finish in 20 days.

We hope that this information helps give you a clear understanding of the design process with Surf Zone Design. We are with you every step of the process to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your website and the service you receive from us.

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